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Notice:  Some of the roads on these excursions are twisty and narrow; and some are one lane at a time.  Please do not attempt to drive these roads unless you are experienced and comfortable driving.  For all ocean activities and turtle sightings, heed all ocean safety warnings and keep your distance from the turtles.  And remember - never turn your back to the ocean.


'AHIHI KINAU PRESERVE - Located in Makena on the south side of Maui, this area was once an incredible snorkeling spot. Over use has caused the state to close it down for snorkeling but it is still a beautiful drive.

BLACK ROCK - At sunset each night in front of the Ka'anapali Sheraton Hotel, cliff divers climb the silhouetted cliff by torchlight and make their ceremonial dive into the surf below. Valet park at the Sheraton and walk through the hotel to get to the beach or park at the Whaler's Village parking lot and walk north along the Ka'anapali Beach Walk.

CORAL MIRACLE CHURCH - This is one place that 99% of visitors miss. Tucked behind a private residence on a side road off Hana Highway sits the Coral Miracle Church. Don't be fooled by the small stone church you see along the road, but pull in there to park. Both of these churches as well as the small cemetery are cared for by the family that lives in the small house. To get to the Miracle Church, you literally have to walk through the carport of the home. If someone is home, they will likely come out and wave you on. Follow the lush pathway behind the house to the Miracle Church. Spend some time, leave a prayer in the bowl and and leave an offering to help with the upkeep. Be sure to look out the windows of the church toward the ocean, and out the front door, to the waterfall in the distance.

HALEAKALA - The "House of the Sun" is a 10,000+ foot dormant volcano on Maui, and one of the most popular attractions on the island. The road up takes you above the clouds to the crater where you can hike down into. Keep in mind, a general rule is that hiking out takes almost twice as long as hiking in. And, be sure to dress appropriately. It's cold up there - even during the summer months, especially if you are going to watch the sunrise.

IAO VALLEY- This tranquil valley is a must see for all visitors, especially since it's just a short drive from the Kahului (airport) area and you can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to all day there. Cross the bridge where locals plunge to the cool waters below then follow the steps to a lookout point and read about the fierce battle that took place here.  Take the steps down and walk along the stream for a cool dip in the water, paying attention to weather to avoid any flash flooding danger.  And don't forget the camera!  Just before you reach the parking area for Iao Valley, there is an interesting cultural park that is perfect for a picnic.

This is one of our favorite places on Maui and is best on a clear day.

OLOWALU PETROGLYPHS - Just a short drive behind Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop are the centuries-old Olowalu Petroglyphs. Two hiking trails continue on beyond this area of ancient carvings.

ROAD TO HANA - Though Ralph Waldo Emerson never drove the famous Road to Hana, the quote he is credited with: "Life is a journey, not a destination" certainly rings true for these 55 miles of twisting, turning roads strung together with over 80 moss-covered bridges - many single lane sections on hairpin turns. Get an early start, take your time, pull over and let cars pass, stop and smell the eucalyptus trees and pack a lunch (and a thermos of coffee for the ride back) and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the Maui rain forest.

For the most up-to-date regulations and to avoid any fines, please visit http://www.hanahighwayregulation.com/ before heading out on the Road to Hana.

Here's a link to turn-by-turn directions for the Road to Hana



This National Historical site is located on Ali’i Drive next to the Kailua pier. Once a summer residence for Hawaiian Royalty, it is now a museum celebrating the era of King Kalākaua and Queen Kapi‘olani.  Nearby is the Hawaii's oldest Christian church - Mokuaikaua Church, dating back to 1820.

VOLCANO NATIONAL PARK - Although located on the other side of the island from our vacation homes, a trip to Hawaii Island is not complete without a glimpse at some lava.  Visit this park's website for information and alerts before heading out.  The hike out to where you may see lava flowing is quite long and not advisable with very young children or elderly.


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